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Here at Beards & Baldies we are passionate about the importance of male self grooming. For far too long men have been using throw away razors and labelling shaving as more of a chore. We feel that shaving should be thought upon as an enjoyable experience, a time where we can truly take our time and rediscover how our face looks, feels and how we are perceived to others. A true gentleman takes time out to look after himself, and what better way to do this than to do it in style, ageless style, with either a smooth double edge razor which will last for years and can be passed from generation to generation, or maybe a stylish straight razor for those small beard edges. And difficult to get places.

So whether your shaving your face or indeed your head, (as many of us do) you know you can face the day with the smooth glow of a true gent. We only deal in the best of natural beard grooming products, tried and tested for you to achieve and maintain a healthy ‘dapper’ beard. Suppliers of exquisite beard oils, balms and shaving products for the discerning modern day Gent.

A glimpse of true tradition in a modern day world.
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