Beard Styles


Finally you’ve done it! You’ve devoted part of your life to growing hair on your face! You can see it and feel it! It’s there and it looks…quite plain actually.

It’s all well and good wanting to grow a beard or moustache, but what if it doesn’t turn out how you imagined? Now what do you do?

Well today I’m going to be looking at a few styles of beard that could help to inspire you in your beardy journey.


The Balbo

Why not start with one of the most popular styles out there?

The Balbo beard is like a back garden. It takes a lot of time, precision trimming, and most of all patience to achieve a good looking one but when you do, it looks fantastic.

Until you see next door’s one is better and you’re left feeling jealous and intimidated.

Needless to say I think that the Balbo beard is an excellent style and with enough time and commitment, you too can pull it off.

All in all: 9/10


Royale Beard

A personal favourite of mine, the Royale beard resembles that of an upside down anchor and can make any man look like the hero of the story. 

This style takes a lot of precision to get it perfect and its important not to shave too much off in an attempt to have it look even, obviously you don’t want it to be wonky but shaving too much off won’t give you the style you’re after.

With the right razor, a careful eye, and enough patience, you can get yourself a fancy Royale Beard.

All in all: 9/10

Circle Beard

The circle beard, our third and final style of the post. 

This style is very similar to the Royale except you don’t shave the part of the goatee that connects the moustache to the chin strap, while it still requires a good eye for symmetry, the circle beard is somewhat easier to achieve because of this.

The circle beard is to the beard world what the circle is to the shape world, fairly popular, and round.

So if you’re a fan of circles then this may be the one for you.

All in all: 8/10



That’s all for this post, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Next time I will be going through a few more styles and maybe talking about something different.

And for those of you who are even slightly curious about how my beard is getting on, I can say that I often wake up excited like a kid on Christmas morning when I feel that my face is a little bit more rough and stubbly than before, until I look in the mirror and notice no difference, adding to the snowballing disillusionment that is my beard growing journey.