My spontaneous decision to grow hair on my face

My spontaneous decision to grow hair on my face

My name is Ollie and this is my blog post. Over a series of posts to come, I will be going over; what I think of different kinds of beards and moustaches, what products you could use on your beard or moustache, my tedious beard growing journey, and more.

I will be posting at least twice a week and would be thrilled to share my thoughts with you the reader as well as hear any feedback you might have.


Context for a sudden beard growing journey

At a young age the concept of facial hair was rather unclear to me. 

Why has that man’s hair slipped down to his chin? That other man has an extra eyebrow on his top lip, how strange. And look at that guy, he must spend all his pocket money on shampoo.

I couldn’t figure it out, not why I was so judgemental, but what had happened to these poor people so that their hair grew all over their face?

Needless to say my questions were answered in good time and by the time I hit 16 I was hooked on the idea of looking like a stereotypical viking. I had the perfect image of what I wanted and it was awesome, and so I gave up on my weekly shave and began waiting, and waiting, and waiting until I realised that this beard would need some help, it won’t come out on its own. 

So with pure determination I researched ‘What makes a beard grow?’, and found out about ‘Biotin’, a substance found in eggs, chicken, almonds, and more foods. I only needed to read about how it helps hair growth before I was scoffing my face with eggs every morning and snacking on almonds all day. 

It goes without saying that after 2 years this didn’t turn me into the norse warrior I had imagined it would. But I can dream can’t I?


By Ollie Lloyd